Schale 2

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Thula thula

Klimskha trullala

Plingkyath kaw’a quyay?

Thula thula

Klimskha trullala

Thula thula

Kringzsrwa vu’ula

Kliikya phikh houdin

Yar har-hardour

Kring bongza, quarkaust klernhy.

Thula thula,


Kurla kurla, kwankhi turla.

Zula quirkh pfahlah

Zula pflirk hwallah


Klink twirlahry muhhy sih

Kwen yarhuun tillka kargy

Ykplaypt ink tarasp hinny

Yklept whlarng myn heeik vhary


The Outcropping

Conation. Every fortnight, a philosophy tutor appeared at the main classroom (east side, book-laden, table-strewn, family oils) and discussed the most bizarre items. Lists, for sure. Yikes, why couldn’t they camouflage things a little better? Just for fun. He talked about dialects, and striving, and direction, and relativity, and some of it was really fun, but then inevitably, he’d lapse vers this plodding turm of mundacity, as if he felt the bubble’s edge, his own and philosophy’s bubble, yet couldn’t and wouldn’t betray it with freedom. His name was Chet and he wore heavier fabrics and smelled of mint breath.

Then El slipped on the needles. These things happened, but you had to keep a weather eye uffe. As it was, she tumbled ten feet down onto a mat of Bärlauch and more needles and grass. Her shoulder hit first, back down, then she whished around and hit her face and other shoulder and lower back. All was well. Yet she needed a minute to catch her breath. Stupid, stupid. Yikes.

It was time to descend back to the hut. Listen. This is how we navigate. Get to feet, shake off the forest miscellany, stretch, hope no one is or was watching, and rather quickly hit the trail. It’s getting late anyway. The sun has slanted, and it’s warm yet fat. Tread lightly.

Berries bright in snow

They, she and Henner one catena in her pfeily whish, met and helixed, marveling with the Heidelburgers in that wunderlicious land, berry red kabooshes and jacaranda blossoms, croosing, snoozing, buusing, fuusing (ware listing hare keptin, a parole please!) cupcake sabayon fur the keptin, watch the marvels out there, not quite meravigli, moor kolorfull, mit beaks balanced on yellow kwisp feathers in a dourbright lemontreeleafing in farumph to this sensen farumpf! plupf on oar wumpf oaf on this Chantilly, rolling, weafing, undieuxlant deep green mint and sinking oar brown incense, pfefferbooms, birkenwoodstocks, gales in gales from last fall, leaving turbit seas tiny traces on balmy daze now, y pertycicles, waifs as echo of a dolphin’s pfeffik on prow, leaning us this oar would bright alooft swails hawking out to this island where there’s a kiss.


Poem excerpt, with translation:

Zxhunete, kliy
Veering, tenderly

Wiiy qweth virkxhul y
Falcons avoid firesplashes

Hinh tijn, kringy vi cin
Lunar (?) dust changes crowns, less –

Verthixhiklv, lvee’er, xhiq’wey
Arc upon arc migrates, in sandy

Luuk’zhi kuurle, virinv whei, kringli
Dunes flick wing, wheel sentence, little prince

Zinitzin vlel’kjecq pleurr flevhin, hin kringeli
Constellations wave finickly, treeline veers, amour drink ferment, pettilance yelps victory


Preparazione di viaggio

Kitty kitzy purr de moiety, privily tell the tele y make us

Nuefynynzg dighi, hurdy fikkerminne compassies, navigates, jey demende.

Similickypussypur, our de byebye, teleth the contyestenteii, weisch?

Kitty kitzy purreth, say detroupe in pochi mango hands

Vibrete tiller

Which punkt wander, we, and leave the yurts and fight.

Pflaschen kiniktintinut

Uni purrcent, innuit purdy why fur toto lee?

Kitzy mean, dint matter, fotons splark unuwaey, dialects klasch.

Youu zee purr de clees, Ick zee wavywhut

Li Anni


Lurk left, luege dereche. Vuyage, lightly. Find the reflection. You hear music, there is a fair. It’s a desert village, walk in the bazaar. There’s aussi a winder, with a little brise. Illusion is nice. He went on a slingshot west, back to Bergamo, the city of Colleoni and tre palle, and then went east, racketing, racketeering, veering, gunpuder. Essay tea.

Newton came and then Goethe recalled the three views, or really, the unical view, dependente on where you were. The sun, the ding, and the viewer all played. Yet we turned and wurbled auky. Ulie nyt muvimentii, you had conation auk. They revulvied, nicely. Heizenberger conuscuitii issi years letter.

Futonity came trendy mass tardy, perro twere simply anew instance of naïve and sentimental dichtig. Conate jung.

Third tuny. Tune leal.

Griffin and a tablet.
They knew what they had arfaur it left.