Xhunete, tjlieh’yiy

Wobbling village, hum sustenance.

Chleur werens tukun-tillwa’

Let the fresh time leave

Zxhulievqwijn zin kauw hin hwyakh xhlun

When the valley trills, connect threads of labor

Leer ‘klhy xhixhi

Rumble like legendary puffbears calming

Veer’klhy vluefh

Lean like fins beyond galaxy(ies)

Wheiwhei wiiy, yahr-yzinyia

Spinning falcon, spin away

Zihnzin-tzmh, pyayw

Marvel, feather

Xhlum’ ytingh fern xhmitjerlink’hy

Amid darling vibrations of evergreen needles fluff

Q’wa zhe neuhw

Sense one vibration

Ci qyeng, pflirkvhair

You knew most certainly

Khleur cqlawkyjell vilk

Bring warmth, bring bubble

Tjlieh, narquell’y xhunete

Speak, warbling village

Pleurr pui qwidh iirii’y

Wave while unfurling because

Ci q’l cih

You save us

Veleleanii neifarqwudnezzgeramith pjerkyuh viinin

Central machine-heart we thank you

Vwellyiy gin cih na xhinxhinvg

Gently lead us to spring





Uhur cijli xherenqw

Lead us home

Zizhi neifarqwudnezzger ginin

This machine puffs

Xhlartrey q’I qwin’yy

Saves and transfixes

Tjin flahn, flahn tjin

Holds the flag, holds the flag

Tzmh-’y qlawtrejl fun’xhun

Devotedly against winter

Qwrk’zhun cinq’arkh pindah vinily

Snow flutters inexhaustedly up mountain currents,

Vihllivj, zxhun-zwing vy zxhulievqwijn

Following long veering pathways – reflect

Zhiqwhei tillkwa-xhluxh zlahnya zin trer

Long-sandy wheel of gravity turn fluttering up toward her

Nijienen tu-ci cierijn veljuul xh’vlengenzirq zhi uvletreh xhunete

Nevertheless you became the steadfast balanced black hole of our village

Kjliering velanjxhe, tzmh-xhi-hiereniy

Beautiful princess, admire her devotedly

Xhixhiu gjienenilh zhin voung

She holds fantastic power

Cinverthix udder, astaba zihnzin-tzmh-qwin chlii

Happy heart, she was marveling, transfixed at/by

Virkxhul, vlel’ vlieschen-qwi

Firesplashes in flaming stars



Klalla vleurflisch

Nearly slumber

Flahn, vinjghin qwi-hjin, flijk

Clouds appear in daytime, late morning

Yiyi amith, l’ahgher’uh xhpinhj, zhenph’

Fix the heart, while watcher, curving, swoons

Thliekh, vinnhi dwjarnh vi’y

Boundlessness, I jure, will evanesce, humming

Vlienh, vin’chi

Hearken, turtle zephyr

Kleh vienvher zhpetjv

Weaving mid cypress fling

Xhlumver, vinc’hiy, zien yzinjhia

Dizzy ridges career with Venus

Zihn’y tyluh xhlivh ‘y

Laughing, wheat bubbled hugely


Near fermented mare’s milk

Xhlumver jyin mine v’hi

Admit it we are drunken

Zxhulievqwijn zhe virxhil- yzinyia

The pathway is coruscatingly dizzying

Kleuhr-zai muerckh’y

Trust me

Kuunin fivith-ph’yzh fgirlyhh nuuin

Our neighbors dance beneath vinily vlaah

Vilikhy’nh duuk-qwidh vleurhiin xhqwueriqqhain’y

Fermented mare’s milk brews big trouble

Faffer yuninquulzhe zhim’inyin ervhiin mitzi-fhan zwinvh

But any punches tossed land like baby leopard strikes

Yhlaweurarkh, lepleuvh-yin

We celebrate huffing


Mirror act

Q’win hxunete zhin-eh

While the village laughed 

Q’win xhunete vjyienned

While the village played

Chliichlii zhueyehx vfhleur’yinh

Children’s eyes grew

Chliichlii q’well dvuuvhery zhimzhim ghlafvh

Children who should have been sleeping

Khlarvfeyq yiiyii nun

Instead pondered idiots

Kq’yell euiauinen xhilixh’y

Who nevertheless were decently not mean

Q’win xhqwueriqqhain

While trouble

Q’win xhqwueriqqhain xhiuyun qwyarqwethd

While trouble dialectically expanded

Kq’tell vhuleinj vblaehyene

Who can or could say

Qwummeyien qw’erlesviet zhe vhlaahn

Who can say how long the night went

Qwummlyeiet q’wjyen vhxha

Who can estimate, comprehend

Xhujyen’vher flelarq

We’re a family



Vhjeer penh-chlii

Curve, conations

Zhjenn zhe khlall xheyuieu

Let the night play

Zhjenn muquwha velevh q’whxll

Khjlel chudjery q’q’we z’hex’y

Yaks went unwatered and hayed

En tjenthyghinin viniily mlunent, vje’ci xhunete’y

Massive currents of nevication hammered our village

Vhier, kleurfleukh’vher

Still, we persisted

Vhieneghin qwjlellely

Curving with spicetime

Vhieneghin zhum’vher zhe flelarq

Curving we’re a family

Zhe muumutwar’q’y

That’s everything


Don’t we think?

Q’wjill lelearhneliel phuq’wiou lilkg

Lift the flap and enter

Uiwyher djendjhi lepleuvh

Swim into smiles huff

Hunu tlijkl’khi

Pillows fluffy understand everything

Klell cgued udjuewhiy

Pipes flows like streams from hjorkathernjv

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