Poem 1

Zin thulia hji pyayw
Up to the peaks far feathers
Piernoucghlii kwankhi tarasp
Meditating larch-trees lean to different dimensions
Yarhuun tillkwa kring, tarhas, duuk, kring astaba zinitzin
Riding, surfing in theoretical dimensions as prince, yea verily, a king of gardens more renowned than the flower valley
Narqwellian kringmijn bluarklii firk
Spearing fondly azure air, the larchlark vibrates to his/her country, his/her branch-zenith
Kringminne bongza, hyahr, vaihr
My king, how I
Khliieriljyi, pehnsuindi
Love fluttering, lifting in anguish
Kjliieriljyi, deriizxiy
Flutter in love in thrown particles
Khlandu tutu lijn pindah, tu
Measuring above all including devotion, the mountain peaks
Klahlanhdha ichi mitzi ci
Gazing loving you leopard
Khlandu tutu tijn zlahnyaquiqui yi
Measuring above all your willowing turned floating tea leave tips yes
Pui zihn, pui tijn
I laugh, teeth flying, you linger
Zula pflirk tink, zinzinnin?
Understanding, here, now, only confuses the treeline
Yi auhkzzxi, vraih
The pine trunks cannot lean to stars, yet they cry in peace
Kurla kurla, zaichikh
Not now, I tell
Zula kwirkh hin pflahallya
You understand seas when waves circle
Ykplaipht hijn tarasp sacher yi
We call to falcons, his falcons, beneath clouds like cake, vast relational din
Khlandanh tzmhmijn, amith, udder?
Seeking, ye heart, devotion, then freedom
Firka yuph!, lula kring yzinyia
Borderless meadows, warthog!, the moon is your dizzy prince
Vliischenmeisten flarky tukhum, duuk
While a few finally sober fireflies, truly,
Purschy saich, yiininduuzxiyihh kauw
With saddle flask, I quoth, in multiple simultaneous valleys
Lischy pindah praktigahl
Learning in mountains, wondering
Luuuluu flahn ziphaky
Fly owl, spin clouds
Kuunin mijn kuunin yi
While banners, our lutes
Werenschy tijn nuui
With leaving

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